Directors & Executives

MCMC Board and Executive Committee

  • Asif Husain – President
  • Shafiq Khan – Chairman

Other members of the board:

  • Hameed Ahmed
  • Saman Qadeer Ahmad
  • Mumin Barre
  • Amine Ben Ltaifa
  • Omar Dadi
  • Hisham Garti
  • Fariha Haque

Shafiq Khan


Shafiq Khan is president and founding partner of Teach the World Foundation, a non-profit which seeks to enhance global literacy using digital technology.

Prior to that he was the Senior Vice President Channel Strategy & Distribution Marriott International. In ths role he is responsible for leading all of Marriott’s distribution channels. These include—among the world’s top retail sites; Reservations; online travel agencies; global distribution systems (GDS); and the emerging online travel intermediaries which include search engines such as Google and Yahoo and meta-search engines such as Kayak and TripAdvisor.

Previously, Shafiq was at US Airways, where he pioneered a series of groundbreaking initiatives which fundamentally restructured airline distribution. These include the development and launch of the airline industry’s first online booking product, Priority TravelWorks; electronic ticketing; and various distribution channel re-engineering projects for the corporate marketplace.

Shafiq’s prior background includes assignments at United Airlines in marketing; management consulting with Booz.Allen & Hamilton International; marketing and sales assignments with Pakistan International Airlines, in Pakistan and in France.

His academic background includes an MBA from the Harvard Business School and an economics degree from the Punjab University in Lahore, Pakistan.

Shafiq is currently on the boards of the American Foundation for the Blind and His prior board assignments include the Airline Reporting Corporation and the Harvard Business School Club of Washington D.C.

Asif Husain


Omar Dadi

Member of the Board

Omar Dadi received his degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has been an entrepreneur in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United States and has held leadership positions in the Automotive, Education, Supply Chain and Technology sectors.

Omar has been involved with MCMC in various capacities for more than a decade.

Hisham Garti

Member of the Board

Hisham Garti is a Moroccan American professional who came to the US at the age of 19 to pursue his education in Texas and has been living with his family in Bethesda/Potomac since 2012.

After receiving his Masters in Financial Engineering/Investment Management, Hisham joined TIAA-CREF in Bethesda as an advisor and now owns a practice with Northwestern Mutual.

Having enjoyed professional success in areas ranging from financial sales, to management, consulting and financial planning, Hisham has built a diverse career and acquired skills and knowledge that he has been putting to good use in service to his community since he first moved here, and will continue doing what he can to help his fellow Muslim Americans achieve their highest potential.

A passionate cook who enjoys speaking in multiple languages and cherishes playing tennis and soccer anytime he can, Hisham thrives on giving back to the community and staying attached to his Moroccan heritage in which he takes great pride.

Fariha Haque

Member of the Board

Fariha Haque is the Director of the Washington program for Middlebury College.

Prior to her work at Middlebury she held several positions with the Central Office of DC Public Schools. Previously she worked at the political strategy firm, TSD Communications, and started her career in the finance group for the Walt Disney Company and Enron Corporation.

Fariha holds an M.S. in Education Policy from the University of Pennsylvania and her B.A from Wellesley College. She is also a member of the board of the PTA of Burning Tree Elementary School.  

Fariha resides in Bethesda with her family.

Hameed Ahmed

Member of the Board

Mumin Barre

Member of the Board

Mumin A. Barre is a Somali-American who has been a resident of Montgomery County, Maryland for 30 years. He is recognized for his extensive civic and political work. He is the Chair of Montgomery County Sister Cities. Before rejoining the MCMC Board in 2019, he served as a member of the Advisory Council, President and Treasurer of MCMC. He is the first African immigrant elected by the voters in the Democratic Primary in Montgomery County. He was elected in the 2014 and re-elected in the 2018 Democratic Primary election to serve on the Montgomery County Democratic Party Central Committee. Before that, he served as a Democratic Party Precinct Official for 10 years and the Chair of the Maryland District 39 Democratic Caucus. He served as the appointed founding Co-Chair of the Montgomery County Executive’s African Affairs Advisory Group and is a current member of the Executive Committee.

Other groups and/or organizations that he served include Maryland Governor’s Commission for the African community, African-American Democratic Club of Montgomery County, Montgomery County Committee for Ethnic Affairs, Montgomery County Muslim Foundation, Maryland Democratic Party Continental African Leadership Council and Somali-American Community Association. 

Mumin earned MA Degree in Linguistics & a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, and Paralegal Studies degree from Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland.

Khalid Chaudhry

Advisory Board Member

Khalid Chaudhry is the past President of the Montgomery County Muslim Council where he has been involved with various civic, social and humanitarian causes. In addition, Khalid works with other social organization particularly those undertaking humanitarian work in third world countries. By profession Khalid is an engineer who was trained in the United Kingdom and has held executive level positions in the telecommunications sector. Most recently he was in Atlanta where he was worked on a multi-billion dollar integration of two companies. Khalid who retired in 2008 lives with his wife in Rockville. He has three children and three grandchildren. He enjoys travelling, biking, cricket and playing bridge.

Dr. Aquilur Rahman

Advisory Board Member

Aquilur Rahman is one of the founders of MCMC and served as Chairman of the Board for four years. He was deeply involved in various civic, humanitarian and grass root political work. In addition he supports many NGO’s which are engaged in philanthropic work in Pakistan as well as in America. Dr. Rahman established a trust fund with other friends at the University of Karachi Alumni Association which distributes scholarships to various Academic Institutions in Karachi, Pakistan. He strongly supports those organizations which are working towards increasing Muslim-American’s awareness to find their legitimate place in America. In the political arena, he is highly involved with local and federal elected officials.

Dr. Rahman attained his Ph.D. from Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland. Thereafter he joined the NIH and then moved to Georgetown University, Lombardi Cancer Center as an Associate Professor. He was deeply involved in innovative works in the area of cancer therapeutics and has taken quite a few drugs in the clinic as new therapies for cancer patients. He holds more than 16 patents covering a wide range of cancer therapeutics.

Dr. Rahman founded a publicly traded biotech company, NeoPharm Inc. in 1996.. In his capacity as Chief Scientific Officer, he took multiple drugs to the clinic for cancer therapy and made the company flourish extensively. Presently, he is the President and CEO of N&N Pharmaceutical Inc. developing novel antiviral agents for infectious diseases. Dr. Rahman lives with his daughter, son and grandchildren in Potomac. 

Qaisar Shareef

Advisory Board Member

Qaisar Sharif concluded a nearly 30-year career with Procter & Gamble in 2011. He joined the company in Cincinnati, Ohio and served in several roles within the US and in P&G’s international operations in Marketing and in General Management. Most recently, he headed up the P&G operations in Pakistan; a role in which he served until early 2011, before returning back to the US. He is currently providing consulting services on business strategy projects to various clients. He has also teaches as adjunct faculty in the MBA program at George Washington University, Department of International Business. He was elected president of Montgomery County Muslim Council in January 2015.

Qaisar is originally from Pakistan and first moved to Cincinnati in 1977. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in management from the Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, and an MBA from the University of Cincinnati, in Ohio. Qaisar lives with his family in Silver Spring, MD.

Tufail Ahmad

Advisory Board Member

Tufail Ahmad is one of the founding members of MCMC and is also chairman of the board of Montgomery County Muslim Foundation (MCMF), a charitable organization of the Muslim community, which is involved in several programs such as feeding the homeless, coordinating food drives for local food pantries, distributing raw meat to the needy, providing Thanksgiving dinners and distributing gifts to deserving families in Montgomery County.

Mr. Ahmad was born in Allahabad, India and obtained his masters degree in Commerce from Allahabad University in 1958. He then immigrated to Pakistan and after passing the Civil Service Examination, he joined the Audit and Accounts Service in 1961. He served in the Government of Pakistan for 11 years out of which four years were spent with the United Nations Board of Auditors in New York. He immigrated with his family to America in 1973 and joined a shipping brokerage company in Washington, DC and then established his own shipping brokerage firm, Euro-America Shipping and Trade, Inc.

Tufail Ahmed has been an active member of the Democratic Party in Maryland since year 2000. He is the father of three children and a proud grandfather of seven grandchildren. He and his wife reside in Potomac, MD.

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