Chairman's Message

Dear Friends,

I would like to thank all members of the Montgomery County Muslim community who are actively participating in the civic affairs of the county and the state of Maryland. You are helping make Montgomery County a place where our community can thrive and contribute.

We at MCMC are here to encourage and facilitate such participation of our community, thereby ensuring we become a positive political force in the affairs of the county.

The first step to effective civic participation is to register as a voter. Those in our community who are not yet citizens and thereby not eligible to vote in elections can still make their voices heard though active participation in all forums where public affairs of the county and state are discussed.

We at MCMC are committed to facilitating such participation by our community in political and civic affairs, so we become an influential voice for the civic and political leaders of the county and state.

We encourage you to participate in events organized by MCMC and send us your suggestions as to how we can better serve the community in pursuit of our mission.


Shafiq Khan
Chairman, Montgomery County Muslim Council

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